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Matt Bors art.

Matt Bors art.


Matt Bors is the subject of a feature on The Economist‘s science and technology blog:

[C]ompetition among leading political sites may spur demand for daubs. Mr. Bors is pursuing this goal at Cartoon Movement, a site based in the Netherlands and funded by a combination of investment and grants. He is trying to attract cartoonists from around the world while encouraging websites to commission comics. Artists are paid a flat rate of €150 ($210) per item, and publications pay modest usage fees. Mr. Bors also wants to encourage comics journalism, in which contemporary news is presented in an extended narrative form.


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  1. James says:

    Matt definitely deserves the attention. I’ve been passing around his recent “Captain America” comic at the office because I found it so funny. People immediately assumed it was print media and then I had to explain to them the entire concept of

    “It’s for people interested in war. And cartoons.”

    And don’t worry, I e-mail your link around too. . .

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