Dutch Special Forces Riverine Assault Exercise


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Last year I was unexpectedly allowed along on a riverine assault exercise by a combat unit of the Dutch Korps Commando Troepen special forces. They had spent a week running through different scenarios they might be called in for at any time. I captured a couple of the scenarios on film and photo.

The first was an assault on a small enemy camp to capture a case full of documents. One of the surprises the instructors had waiting for them was a “Tango” lying in wait up a tree … with a dummy grenade. Every scenario could have one or more unexpected surprises for the troops, and each individual was assessed on how they reacted.

The KCT are the Dutch army’s primary special forces and counter-terrorism unit. They were active in Uruzgan province Afghanistan from 2006 until 2010. They coordinated often with the Australian SASR and Commandos and U.S. Airborne Special Forces.


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  1. Torkel says:

    I’m sorry, the Dutch may be as manly and as potent soldiers as anyone… it’s just that anytime someone says Dutch or Holland these days, all I think of is this:


    - isn’t that just the most ridiculous looking thing ever? six guys on a thrashed up car without a windshield… and they’re showing it publicly ?!?

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