No-Fly Zone Stalls as Rebels Retreat [Updated]


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Rebels. AFP photo.


NPR correspondent Lourdes Garcia-Navarro just returned from Libya after spending three weeks in the country. Since her arrival, rebels concentrated in the eastern city of Benghazi attacked south and westwards toward the central Libyan loyalist stronghold of Surt. But the rebels were driven back. Now Gaddafi forces are in striking distance of Benghazi after rebel columns fled from Ajdabiya, a strategic city to Benghazi’s south.

Garcia-Navarro writes:

I remember one fighter, filled with bravado on that first day, telling me with a grin that facing off against Gadhafi’s forces was “cool, man.”

The tide turned.

I saw many of those same young men in bloody pieces at the hospitals and morgues, in places like Brega and Ajdabiya.

As for a no-fly zone? U.N. Security Council talks stalled Wednesday on the question of whether only military flights or all flights would be banned. And with Benghazi under pressure, time may be running out. Or it could be too soon to tell. “We don’t think it will happen on that time frame,” Britain’s top diplomat to the U.N., Mark Lyall Grant, told Matthew Lee of Inner City Press.

Update, 3/17/11: Security Council meeting now. Draft resolution available via Inner City Press.

Update, 3/17/11: Security Council approves.  Military action could begin within hours.


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  1. Chris Rapp says:

    Gotta say, this calls into question the point of the United Nations. Obviously, more is going on than just rebel fighters vs Gadhafi – win for gray area!

    If the fighters want to win (the war and UN support), they need a leader/symbol of their revolution. Someone that will lead the nation after the revolution if the rebels win. He (or perhaps she?) needs to talk to the world and, more specifically, the UN Security Council about a ‘new’ Libya AND what he can do for them. (aka play politics) No leader = loss for rebels.

    The world needs heroes – time to find some.

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