Japan Security Watch: The Next Day


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JSDF and survivor

JSDF and survivor. Reuters photo.


Yesterday I experienced the most surreal moments my still short life has had to offer: terra firma swaying like the deck of a storm-stricken ship, and a two-hour walk home through absolute darkness in the outskirts of the world’s largest city.

My wife returned home after an eight-hour walk, a fellow refugee from Tokyo in tow. In brand new heels, she had walked nearly 20 km following national highways and the general guidance of the police. By the time she had arrived in our local area, all the power was back up. Life seemed to be returning to normal…

That night, however, was terrifying — not because of any particular event, but as a result of our fear. Aftershocks hit time after time, little shakes and big bumps, each time forcing us to question whether it was time to flee the building.

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