And the Winner Is …


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After a decade of misfires, Boeing finally wins a $35-billion deal to build 179 tankers for the U.S. Air Force. Will loser EADS protest?


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  2. Marcase says:

    Probably, but not too loud as EADS will now focus on KC-Y (the KC-10 Extender replacement program). I’ve said before that a dual buy (KC-X to Boeing, KC-Y to EADS) would provide a boost in US jobs in more states than just the “Seattle District”.

    If it can be done with the LCS program, than surely it can be done with the KC’s…

  3. Prestwick says:

    Oh god I don’t even care anymore. I don’t give a toss if they award the contract to Bandai or Fisher Price just let it end already!!

  4. Blacklake says:

    What a pathetic charade this whole “KC-X” nightmare has been. As it was clearly predetermined that Boeing was going to get the job regardless of merits, think of the money and time that could’ve been saved by simply awarding them single-source in the first place. At this stage I’d rather buy Euro tankers purely out of spite.

  5. PeteK says:

    Mr. Axe. Do you think the lack of Govt. subsidy parity between Airbus and Boeing that Boeing has been complaining about for years has played into this selection? I haven’t followed this in detail but I remember a few articles discussing Boeing has been logging official complaints to have the sales of Airbus commercial jets limited because there is some regulation where manufacturers cannot get a market edge or compete if they are being propped up with govt. money. It just seems to me that giving them this contract may keep them off their backs so they don’t have to sue France or some other Euro partner. I may be wrong but it just sounds like something Obama’s govt. might do to keep from pissing off Europe given that Boeing has been on a lot of DC shit lists in the past few years.

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