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Pirates captured aboard a Malaysian vessel. Malaysian MoD.


Somali pirates arrested by the Malaysian navy and may face the death penalty if convicted of charges of armed robbery and firing at the Malaysian military. The accused pirates were attempting to hijack a Malaysian ship headed for Singapore near Oman when the Malaysian navy detained them in January. Last year saw the highest number of pirate attacks in the world since 2003.

Some analysts are suggesting Indonesia as a model for Egypt’s transition to democracy. The Christian Science Monitor’s Sara Schonhardt writes that despite praise for Indonesia’s successful democratization, corruption, inequality and religious tension remain. She quotes the International Crisis Group’s Sydney Jones saying, “Make all the reforms you can while the spirit for reforms is still high; get the military out of politics quickly, and lift all draconian decrees,” along with ensuring everyone can participate in the new system. Karen Brooks of the Council on Foreign Relations takes a different view. “Reform takes time,” she writes. “If the process in Egypt is rushed, the only forces able to compete will be Mubarak’s NDP and the Muslim Brotherhood. The generals’ need to strike a balance between a timely transition and a sustainable one that provides all voices in society the time needed to prepare for competition.”


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