Russian Space-Plane Backgrounder


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The U.S. and USSR duelled it out with all sorts of goofy programs, so it makes sense that there’s also a Soviet/Russian history of space planes. The MiG-105 was test-flown in the late ’70s, nearly two decades after the USAF mapped out the X-20 Dyna-Soar. The masterpiece, and hands-down the largest unmanned vehicle ever flown, was the Soviet “Shuttleski” — the airliner-sized Buran. Its first (and only) test flight was a completely successful unmanned launch, orbit and re-entry.


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  2. Mike Richards says:

    The Soviets also flew the BOR-4 space plane to orbit on four occasions. It started off like the MiG as part of their Spiral program, but was switched to testing technologies for Buran. Clearly they ave plenty of expertise, but how many of the engineers who built these vehicles are still available is an important question.

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