A Rare Peek Inside North Korea


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North Korea

North Korea.


This blog has a rare photo essay on life inside North Korea. Lots of carts, mud and unhappy people. Not a lot of technology. “And to think that used to be the developed half of Korea,” Kyle Mizokami mused.


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  2. Josh says:

    why can’t we let north korea alone, man…looks to me they could feed the planet – why not let them grow the crops – ya know?

  3. Brian Black says:

    They can’t even feed themselves, Josh. The sooner that regime is gone, the better.

  4. Josh says:

    i understand, brain…but they should at least keep the land fertile – i come from a family of farmers and bakers and north korea – in my opinion, should have the choice to be the farmers and crop givers of the west…

  5. Josh says:

    i mean ‘brian’…sorry if you thought i was lambasting you.

  6. Spicybrown says:

    They could have it way worse if you ask me, like living in the southern united states

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