Matt Bors: “Now Bomb a Subway … “


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Matt Bors

Matt Bors art.


5 Responses to “Matt Bors: “Now Bomb a Subway … “”

  1. Tim says:

    Trillions of dollars , thousands of US and UK Military personnel lost and injured all because of three hundred idiots in a cave that we let play us like fools !

  2. devendra fonia says:

    Hello, you all have a one way ticket to America, and no luggage, why i agree all pork eating infidels must die for their horrible taste in animal meat, i am also a PETA activist.

    No worries, you don’t have a bomb on you or in you, you are cleared to go.

    ———————-on the airplane—————————-

    We are the kung-fu Al-Q, and we are taking over the plane.


    This just in, after the tragic events of the kung fu hijacking every passenger will be put in straight jackets for the entire duration of their flight, with pipes attached to their body for the purpose of poo poo making, pee pee making and feeding them (with nutritious juices mixed with approved sedatives).

  3. Scathsealgaire says:

    Nice one Matt.

  4. tudza says:

    Not quite right. This mess started from ramming planes into buildings, so he really ought to order the guy to crash various other modes of transport into other occupied buildings.

  5. Brian Black says:

    MB seems to be a little late on this one – Britain and Spain have already suffered attacks on subways, buses and trains.

    If there have been no similar succesful major incidents in the US so far, then someone in your security services is doing a good job for you.

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