The Girl Who Tortures a Nation


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For years, the Dutch have been suffering surges of concern and confusion regarding Tanja Nijmeijer, a Dutch woman who joined the Colombian militant group FARC many years ago, much to the horror of her family.

Concerns for Tanja rose steeply when the Colombians released information that they had struck a major FARC camp where the Dutch woman was last seen. Rumors have surfaced however that she actually survived the intense bombardment that killed so many of the group. In October, a Colombian journalist was the latest in a number to say that the woman is still alive.

The Dutch have been hoping that somehow the woman they believe is being held against her wishes will find a way out or be rescued. These hopes have recently received a serious blow. Recent footage of Nijmeijer shot by the Colombian journalist indicates she stays with FARC voluntarily.

There are two camps on the issue. One believes Nijmeijer cannot say what she really thinks and is simply delivering a canned speech designed to put off any public backing of her being rescued. The other believes that the young woman has genuinely turned.


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  1. Marcase says:

    The latter view dominates. As a young enthusiastic – and impressionable – girl she went to Colombia to teach young children, but was swayed to the revolutionary path because of its excitement and attractive “Robin Hood” battle; fighting for the poor by fighting the obviously evil Rich.

    That the FARC is nothing more than a criminal narco-terrorist organisation is something that she will probably dismiss as ‘evil’ propaganda and/or accepts as a “revolutionary necessity”.

    Being cooped up in the jungle, away from more moderating voices (and impartial media) she fully embraced the revolutionary life and propaganda, fell for a handsome young guerilla, and beliefs fully in the Revolution. As she probably knows no other truth other than the warped view she has of the Poor Mans Struggle – and really, being hunted down by a dedicated army as well – she really, really beliefs she is in a fight to the death unless the poor workers are ‘liberated’.

    Her parents had very sporadic contact, and apparently that has dried up as well, which was why their was/is fear she died in the latest Colombian army attack.
    Scuttlebutt is that her boyfriend did die, which may make her all the more determined.

    These are the kind of kids that were swayed to the leftist revolutionary movements back in the 1970s and 1980s, and never returned to the Real World, captive as they are by their own estranged beliefs.

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