Word Bubble 11/3/10


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If Al Shabaab successfully attacked either a regional target like the July 11 Kampala bombings or a Western target, the result could be either the withdrawal of international actors from Somalia (such an attack could collapse support for the AMISOM mission in Uganda or Burundi) or a sudden determination by the West to intervene. The West has not in any way set conditions for a successful intervention, however, and a spasmodic reaction to an attack on the U.S. or Europe could have dire consequences.


3 Responses to “Word Bubble 11/3/10”

  1. i says:

    A bit like Yemen.

  2. Onslo says:

    There are so many muslims living in the West that the West wil do nothing. The West has become Western Arabia.


  3. Prestwick says:

    Whatever Onslo, tell the Scottish Asians wearing kilts that.

    A Western intervention could prove to be a repeat of the original UN fiasco in Somalia. One interesting (yet extremely unlikely) scenario would be a peacekeeping force made up of soldiers from Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Malaysia and Turkey. Furthermore put them on an extremely restricted mandate (i.e. defend ports, food convoys, not to interfere in local affairs and allow whatever Al-S and the provisional government declare as law).

    Basically call Al Shabbab’s bluff. It would be very interesting to see them try and justify killing other Muslims, especially those who apart from providing food and medical care aren’t impacting that much in Somalian affairs.

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