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Matt Bors art

Matt Bors art.


Rob Farley reviews War is Boring at naval blog Information Dissemination:

Most of the security blogosphere will be familiar with David Axe. He has his own group blog, War Is Boring, and has contributed to Danger Room, World Politics Review and several more-or-less mainstream media publications. Axe has long been a friend of Information Dissemination, as well as Lawyers, Guns and Money. In August, he published War is Boring, a graphic novel depicting his experiences in 2006-2008.

It’s a good title for a blog, and a good title for a book. There’s an expanding literature on the boredom of war. The idea that war is fundamentally a boring, uneventful endeavor punctuated by moments of raw terror has a very long history. However, this vision of war has understandably been difficult to portray, especially on the big screen. Probably the best portrayal of boredom that I can recall is Sam Mendes’ film version of Jarhead, which chronicled the long wait and minimal action in the desert in 1990-1.

However, War is Boring is less about the various wars that David Axe has covered than it is about David Axe and the modern profession of war correspondent. Over the course of War is Boring, Axe visited Chad, East Timor, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia and (for good measure) Detroit and Washington D.C. We come to know a little bit about all of those places, but Axe focuses on the commonality more than the difference. For Axe, appropriately, the most important commonality is his own presence.

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2 Responses to “Rob Farley on War is Boring

  1. Daskro says:

    Robert Farley mentioned that during the Paterson conference on Africa you mentioned “Don’t save Darfur. Screw Darfur.” Farley surmises that you believe western interventionism does more harm than good. I’m curious what you actually meant by the comment and if you could go into more detail.

  2. David Axe says:

    I meant exactly what Farley wrote: that in Chad-Sudan, Western intervention actually prolonged the conflict by providing safe havens to Chadian rebel groups.

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