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Elisee's Story

Elisee's Story. Matt Bors art.


From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Website:

David Axe is a freelance journalist who tends to travel to some dark and foreboding places. His most recent trip was to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He expected the worst, and saw it.

Along with illustrator Matt Bors, David turns much of his reporting into graphic novels or comic book style stories. When we heard he was heading to the Congo, we commissioned an exclusive short piece from them.

This is the story of Elisee Anidawe.


2 Responses to “CBC: Congo Comic Book”

  1. Ming the Merciless says:


    LRA is run by muslims masquerading as “christians” and financed by Sudan and Lybia…

    But your indulgence for muslim’s excesses is well known!

    Must be some Americans to blame for that…Sarah Palin, perhaps!

  2. Aditya says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I am Aditya presently in Congo (DRC). I dont know whether this mail will be even read but , I am writing to you about a boy i have met here in congo who is extremely poor and surviving on daily wages . The Boy has but one talent , He makes comic strips whenever he is free , unfortunately he has limited resourses and opportunities to expolit his talent . Maybe vices of his daily struggle will take over him some time later and his passion will fade away in time . I have tried to scan some of his work for him to preserve it . If you could help him or open one opportunity for him I am sure he will grow with gods grace on him .

    Please sir , If you are interested to see his work i can mail it at an address . My email is Aditya63027@gmail.com

    Waiting for some positive response


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