Axe in Congo: Boom Deja Vu


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After two weeks in eastern Congo’s rebel country, I returned to Kinshasa to catch my flight home. I found a clean, cheap room at the downtown Catholic mission. Chatting with my girlfriend Molly on Facebook, she reminded me that the last time I stayed in a Catholic mission in Central Africa, I nearly got killed. “Ha ha,” she laughed. “Ha ha,” I laughed. The most dangerous thing in Kinshasa that night, I told her, was the off-brand Nutella clone I had bought for a dollar as a dinner stand-in.

An hour later, there was what sounded like gunfire just outside my window. All the sudden, it was 2008 again in Abeche, Chad. Before I knew what I was doing, I had grabbed a camera and stepped into the night to discover … what you see in the video above. Fireworks. Apparently we were celebrating something in Kinshasa. What, I have no idea — besides the end of another successful mission for yours truly, that is.

Successful, as in nobody got killed.


2 Responses to “Axe in Congo: Boom Deja Vu”

  1. Prestwick says:

    Another gig in the can! A really good two week period of raising awareness about what is now a forgotten tragedy.

  2. Kevin Knodell says:

    And we’re very happy to have you not dead

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