Axe in Congo: Convoy!


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Moroccan troops escorted a World Food Program convoy through rough terrain from Dungu to Ngilima in northeastern Congo on September 21. Lord’s Resistance Army rebels were spotted in Ngilima just before and during the movement. The LRA’s presence forces people from their fields to the safety of the town center, rendering them unable to feed themselves and thus reliant on WFP. The roughly 25-mile trip took nearly three hours owing to kiddie-pool-size potholes in the dirt road.


2 Responses to “Axe in Congo: Convoy!”

  1. Marcase says:

    Nice to see the old DAFs still have some mileage in them.

    Great vid David!

  2. Omar says:

    I remember when I was in the Moroccan auxilary cavalry a couple of my comrades volunteered to go off to the Congo. Can you tell me your impression of the Moroccan lads in the Congo David? Do they seem like they know what they are doing? Thanks.

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