World Politics Review: Losing Afghanistan 101 — Culture of Corruption


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David Axe video

David Axe video.


In this four-part video opinion series on Afghanistan, I examine obstacles to NATO and U.S. victory in Afghanistan. These include terrain, a culture of corruption, the agrarian nature of the economy, and the technology employed by U.S. and NATO forces.


2 Responses to “World Politics Review: Losing Afghanistan 101 — Culture of Corruption”

  1. Marcase says:

    Great videos, informative. Sort of open door, but it will still be an eyeopener for some. Well done.

  2. Drake1 says:

    Same old Graveyard of Empires/Afghanistan is lost spiel we have been hearing for the past couple years.

    It would be far more constructive if you made a 4 part series on how we extricate ourselves from Afghanistan. I have yet to see a realistic assessment that takes into consideration the realities on the ground, as well as the strategic and diplomatic ramifications which would be incurred from a full, partial, or a scaling back of the ISAF/U.S. Afghan mission from the “Get out now crowd!”.

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