World Politics Review: Losing Afghanistan 101 — Terrain


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David Axe video

David Axe video


In this four-part video opinion series on Afghanistan, I examine obstacles to NATO and U.S. victory in Afghanistan. These include terrain, a culture of corruption, the agrarian nature of the economy, and the technology employed by U.S. and NATO forces.


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  1. Prestwick says:

    I like the video.

    Britain’s experiences in Aden & the Yemen in the 1960s could be an interesting lesson for the current US and NATO commanders in Afghanistan now.

    Fighting multiple diverse enemies from Arab nationalists in Aden itself to nomadic tribesmen and Communist gurrillas in the Yemen eventually the best outcome was basically reducing violence to a level acceptable for the British so they could leave.

    In a way its the same policy the British Army has used over and over again over the past 100 years most recently you could argue that Britain’s withdrawl from Basra was one of those examples.

    NATO needs to basically be pragmatic, do the best it can before the deadlines start to come into force. Britain for example WILL be leaving by 2015 and that is a fact. They simply cannot afford to stay there. Literally. There is no money left for the British Army to stay in Afghanistan now.

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