Axe in Congo: Can’t Please Everyone


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Kinshasa — A free health clinic was one of the culminating events of the U.S. Army-led “Medflag ’10″ training exercise in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While American instructors trained up Congolese medics, U.S. and Congolese officials oversaw registration of civilians to attend the clinic. The civilians lined up before a  board of Congolese officers and described their condition and the treatment they hoped to receive. If they were lucky, their names were added to the list.

Many of those who didn’t make the list were unhappy. Others had more pointed complaints, as depicted in my video report.


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  1. Loic says:

    To elaborate a bit on the translation, he’s blaming foreigners for the violence because they bring guns into Congo, he said that the weapons used in the war are not indigenous and the money raised by selling diamonds and other extorted minerals are sold to foreigners.

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