Winged Chinese Super-Sub to Check Imperialist Americans


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Type 098

Type 098


First, they gave us a giant, submarine aircraft carrier. To top that, a flying aircraft carrier straight out of Marvel Comics. Now the mad Photoshop geniuses at China Military Report regale us with art depicting an imaginary “Type 098″ super-submarine — complete with wings(?) — meant “for checking U.S. imperialism.”


3 Responses to “Winged Chinese Super-Sub to Check Imperialist Americans”

  1. Justin Liu says:

    lol if photoshop pictures could win wars….

  2. Tim says:

    Great so now the US Navy will demand another Fifty Billion Dollars to combat an imaginary weapon !

    The US Military just doesn’t understand that the Chinese plan is to do what Nato did to the Russian Military. Bankrupt them !

    The difference is while the UK and US spent Billions to out smart the Russians the Chinese just make up crap Knowing the US general staff will run to congress demanding billions !

    One huge con trick !

  3. Ben Turley says:

    at least they reigned in their imaginations a bit….

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