The Handbook of 5GW Drops for Kindle


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Handbook of 5GW

Handbook of 5GW.


Nimble Books has just released the Kindle version of Daniel Abbott’s Handbook of 5GW. That’s “fifth-generation warfare” for you noobs. I wrote the chapter on “Piracy, Human Security and 5GW in Somalia.”

From my intro:

No continent poses less of a traditional military threat to the United States than Africa. But in an age of 5GW, where subtle actors can exploit humanitarian, economic and other crises to undermine the power and legitimacy of the industrial state, no continent poses a greater non-traditional threat. An increasingly volatile Africa begs for greater U.S. intervention and risks corrupting that very intervention, turning American strength into weakness.

“The views within The Handbook of 5GW vary widely,” Zenpundit observes, “as does the disciplinary approach of the authors, intending to stimulate thought, explore possible scenarios that range from the pragmatic and real to the imaginative and ideal.”

Hardcover edition launches in September.


4 Responses to “The Handbook of 5GW Drops for Kindle”

  1. Tom says:

    Baloney. How does Africa pose any threat to the USA? The only threat Africa poses would be to rebuff exploitation by Western, and now Asian, powers, and that will only happen if the African people overthrow their corrupt state-leaders. US intervention in Africa only continues to prop-up corrupt African state-leaders and maintain the status quo of abuse and exploitation. This excerpt is using 5GW techniques to convince the audience that the Sun rises in the West.

  2. David Axe says:

    Dude, you’re not wrong. You should read the book. You’ll understand my full point.

  3. Tom says:

    How long before I can get a hard copy?

    I don’t subject myself to “Sousveillance” where ever possible.

  4. David Axe says:

    Hardcopy in September.

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