“Will Humanity Annihilate Itself?”


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Retro bots

Retro bots. Via Paleo-Future.


Fred Zimmerman, publisher of my book War Bots, writes in with this fascinating find. The blog Paleo-Future has dug up a super-cool retro vision of robotic soldiers, c. 1939.


2 Responses to ““Will Humanity Annihilate Itself?””

  1. Nate says:

    That is pretty neat. Although I’m afraid when humanity does annihilate itself, it will be due to a much more mundane exhaustion of the natural resources that fuel industrial civilization, rather than super-cool robots with gatling gun heads.

    In any case, the restraint of the nuclear powers since the end of WW2 suggests that Prof. Joad was wrong. When we acquired weapons actually capable of destroying the world, it turns out that humanity has the wisdom not to use them.

    If only we had the same kind of restraint when it comes to our water supply and our atmosphere.

  2. Aren’t you forgetting the atom bombs dropped on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki this month, 67 years ago (August 1945)?!

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