Matt Bors: “One of Them Is Gay … “


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Matt Bors

By Matt Bors.


8 Responses to “Matt Bors: “One of Them Is Gay … “”

  1. Kelly says:

    It doesn’t matter.

  2. Mark Stewart says:

    It does not matter which of them, but it does matter if they are openly gay as that does nothing good for morale, unit culture, and discipline Quite the opposite.

  3. SM says:

    Mark, if American soldiers can deal with comrades whose race or religion or politics or personality they don’t like, I think they can learn to deal with comrades whose sexual preference they don’t like. I believe there were cries of “it will ruin morale” when Truman desegregated the US military.

  4. Redbeard says:

    Too right, SM.

    “Openly gay” meaning what exactly, Mark?

  5. Waz says:

    High five SM, Redbeard.

  6. T says:

    This topic is silly. I served with two Navy Admiral’s during my career that were gay. It as not secret. One male and one female. The male Admiral was pretty out in the open and this was in the early 1980′s. He served on the CNO’s staff. No one including the CNO cared.

  7. Russ Nelson says:

    I speculate that morale is more negatively affected by THAT FUCKING ASSHOLE OVER THERE than by any gay person. If you think there aren’t out-of-the-closet assholes in the military, you’d be an idiot, because assholes are everywhere and they’re out to get YOU.

    Srsly, if some military units want to declare themselves segregated, they can go for it, and let their performance in battle speak for itself. “Hey, look at us, we’re more badass because we don’t have any gay badasses in OUR unit.”

  8. dudeinIL says:

    I served as a military officer onboard a Naval nuclear submarine for 10 years. One of my commanding officers was bi. Several gay men on my ship, at the Pentagon, at Naval Sea Systems Command, and every Naval Medical Facility. The Marines that I met all loved to play with guys after a six pack of beer.

    As the policy stands now, anyone can say “he or she is gay”, rules of evidence don’t apply and the person is thrown out at a large cost to taxpayers.\

    We are either all God’s kids or none of us are. Is the way you treat gays and lesbians, the way you want God to treat you one day?

    The Bible talks about adultery hundreds of time in the old and new testaments.

    Leviticus has a same sex reference and calls it an abomination.
    Leviticus also calls eating shellfish an abomination.

    Had any shrimp cocktail lately? Which abomination is worse?

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