Correspondent: Chad “Not Quiet”


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Chad 18

Chadian children. David Axe photo.


Weeks following a potentially region-changing peace deal between Chad and Sudan, the former country remains on the brink of its own, internal crises. Shifting rains plus massive displacement resulting from years of fighting have combined to disrupt agriculture. “More than two million Chadians will be affected by hunger” this year, says Mahamat Tahir Issa, War Is Boring‘s Chad correspondent.

Hunger drives land and water spats that can escalate into local fighting. The U.N. peacekeeping force, MINURCAT, might help suppress some of that violence, but Chadian president Idriss Deby wants all but a few hundred of the peacekeepers out of the country. Deby’s move against the U.N. is possibly a PR ploy related to the upcoming presidential election in Chad. Deby has also ordered all Chadians to immediately register to vote.

“People say four offices of MINURCAT will be closed, including Bahai, Iriba and Koukou,” Issa says. These towns host many of the country’s refugees, including hundreds of thousands who have fled fighting in neighboring Darfur since 2003. “The situation is not quiet around the border” with Sudan, Issa adds.


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