Wendy Button: “We are … a Nation at War”


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Medevac. David Axe photo.


“There is no other time than the night of The White House Correspondents Dinner when Washington is more out of touch with the country it guides and informs,” Wendy Button writes at The Huffington Post:

With the black ties and dresses, shiny hair and sparkling diamonds, bad jokes and back-slapping, it would be hard to tell that more than 37 million Americans live in poverty every day and millions more at the razor’s edge or that more than 508,000 Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans have sought care from a Veterans Affairs facility because some of the people at that dinner sent them off to war. …

We forget that we are — like it or not, for it or not — a nation at war and we rarely act like it. Most Americans don’t serve. Most Americans don’t know that 2 million men and women have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan; the suicide rate for active duty soldiers has more than doubled since these wars began; nearly 15 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are unemployed, and their families have to fight to get a wheel chair or surgery or help with a creeping traumatic brain injury.

At tomorrow night’s high profile dinner, our national press corps could begin to change all of this for our veterans.

They won’t.


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  1. Brian Black says:

    It is startling how detached the public has become from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here in the UK we are going to a general election tomorrow (6 may) and the politicians from all the main political parties have virtually ignored the war in Afghanistan; it is barely a relevant issue to the majority of the electorate.

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