Defense Update: Iran’s S-300 “Look-Alike,” Hoax or Reality?


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Iranian S-300

Iranian S-300.


Iran has unveiled several new missiles and UAVs at the 2010 Army Day Parade, highlighting long-range ballistic missiles of the solid-propelled Safir and liquid-propelled Shahab family. Iran also hints on the existence of a new missile in its arsenal, an S-300 “look-alike.”

The vehicle displayed on the parade carries four cylindrical canisters measuring roughly as the S-300 container-launcher, but the Iranian vehicle does not show any erection apparatus. If these vehicles are part of a real system, they could be vehicles carrying reload missiles. The system is definitely not the Russian S-300, but could be a derivative of the Chinese HQ-9.

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  1. George P. Burdell says:

    I am betting on a well-constructed fake. The best part about this picture is the banner. It says in Farsai “Yes, We Can!” That is just short of getting Obama the middle finger.

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