Jessica Stone: Port-au-Prince Must Decentralize as Haiti Rebuilds


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Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral. Photo via Flickr.


War Is Boring pal Jessica Stone was in Haiti during Easter to report on the recovery efforts for Fox Radio and other media. Dropping by Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral in Port-au-Prince for Easter services, Stone spoke to survivor Joel Samson.

“Before the earthquake, it was nice, really beautiful,” Samson said of the cathedral. “But after what happened on January 12, everything has become bad inside. There’s not even a seat for people.”

Rebuilding is underway but problems are myriad. Port-au-Prince must decentralize, authorities told Stone, as U.S. dollars flow in to fund rubble-clearing. The country also needs foreign business investment at a time when non-profit aid groups are the country’s biggest employers. These groups pay bike couriers to deliver drinking water to refugees.

Meanwhile, two U.S. senators are calling for a system to begin finding homes for the country’s many new orphans.


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