Is Sudan Paying Off Rebels?


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Sudanese soldiers.


Last week, the government of Sudan under President Omar Al Bashir signed a ceasefire agreement with the Justice and Equality Movement, the major rebel group threatening Sudan. “The agreed ceasefire between the government of Sudan and JEM is an important first step towards reducing violence in Darfur and comes on the heels of important new agreements between the governments of Chad and Sudan to reduce tensions along their shared border,” said U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley.

Why, after seven years of fighting in and around Darfur, has JEM given up? Our Chad correspondent Mahamat Tahir Issa has an idea. “The agreement says Al Bashir will give to any JEM soldier 500 euros to join the Sudanese army.”

Is it true?  Who knows. But that people are saying it is testimony to the apprehension on the ground as the embattled region inches towards peace.

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  1. [...] fighters will put down their arms for the opportunity to join the Sudanese army at 500 euros a head. Perhaps this will slow conflict-related violence in the region, perhaps not. Human Security Report [...]

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