Meet Greg Scott, New War Is Boring Contributor


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Greg Scott.


I was a huge fan of Greg Scott before I even knew who he was. Greg was one of the artists on Gotham Central, the best-ever comic book in the Batman franchise. Gotham Central starred the everyday cops and detectives of the Gotham Police Department as they battled crime in a city overrun with criminal madmen and one nutcase vigilante dressed as a bat. Greg’s naturalistic style perfectly matched Ed Brubaker’s bare-bones writing.

Today Greg, pictured with his daughter, joins War Is Boring as a contributor. Armed with cameras and his expert eye, he’ll be accompanying me to Afghanistan this month as my photographer. When we return in April, we will mull writing and drawing a graphic novel based on Greg’s photos and my reporting. To hash out how such a book might look, Greg sketched a concept comic, written by me and featuring Razia, the bravest little girl in all of Afghanistan. Check it out below the jump.

THE 'STAN concept 1

THE 'STAN concept 2

THE 'STAN concept 3

THE 'STAN concept 4


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