Gun-Price Inflation Underscores Mogadishu Battle Fears


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Photo via Biyokulule.


For weeks we’ve been seeing signs in Mogadishu of an impending offensive by the U.S.-backed Transitional Federal Government and its allies in the African Union peacekeeping force. “Civilians have fled the city and many shops have closed down,” a War Is Boring correspondent tells us.

The same correspondent reported last week that a rush on guns by nervous city residents has driven up prices at the various Mogadishu weapons markets. In Somalia, rises in gun prices can be an accurate indicator of coming violence. “The Chinese pistol which was going for $560 now fetches around $700,” our correspondent says. “I’m talking about a brand-new one, complete with sealed packaging and all.”

For comparison, many Chinese Norinco pistols sells for just a couple hundred bucks in the U.S. A dollar has about ten times the buying power in Somalia as it does in American. In other words, Chinese pistols worth $200 are now going at the equivalent of $7,000 in Mogadishu. That should put into perspective the mood in the embattled city.

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2 Responses to “Gun-Price Inflation Underscores Mogadishu Battle Fears”

  1. daskro says:

    Norinco Pistols do not sell for just a couple hundred bucks in US because Norinco was banned from importing rifles and pistols into the US in 1993. A Norinco 1911 fetches 500 dollars easily. Poor research done on this post.

  2. Kyle Mizokami says:

    Many non-1911 Norinco pistols will fetch under $200. The BBGV (Blue Book of Gun Values) is your friend.

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