Dutch Prepare for Afghan Deployment


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The next Dutch battlegroup will deploy to southern Afghanistan in March 2010. Task Force Uruzgan 17 is composed of an army airborne company, a company of Dutch marines, a recon platoon, an engineer company and logistics staff.

In February, TFU 17 trained at three locations around The Netherlands. They’re depicted above reacting to a simulated suicide-bombing in a crowded bazaar.

The troops may be the last Dutch battlegroup to deploy to Afghanistan. The Dutch cabinet will decide on March 1 if the combat mission will continue beyond August. A majority in the Dutch parliament wants the mission to end. The cabinet is split on the issue. Pressure is mounting from NATO, the U.S. and other coalition partners to prolong the mission.

Despite the debate in The Hague, the Dutch troops on the ground remain professional and committed to doing their jobs.

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5 Responses to “Dutch Prepare for Afghan Deployment”

  1. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 02/18/2010 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

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  3. VNCcc says:

    VNC communication counsel
    1052 VV / 97-III
    The Netherlands
    email vnccc@mac.com
    fax + 31 (0)20 682 8103

    Dear Andrew,

    Sorry, wrong again, just like your colleague David Axe: too often now, when the Dutch are concerned. Learn the language and keep an eye on The Hague, OK?

    Yes, of course our armed forces prepare. They always do, just in case.

    But the case now is that nobody is going: the Dutch mission ends in August. All troops will be back in December. This as agreed with NATO in 2007 before the two-year extension of the first mission started.

    It took the fall of cabinet Balkenende-IV, but now there is no linger a cabinet so that decision stands. But that’s breaking news in the rest of the world this weekend, I suppose?

    It has been known for three years that 2010 would be the Dutch end-date, bur NATO HQ in Brussels have made no preparations for another country to take the Dutchies’ place, stated Mr. Koole, former chairman of one of the ex-coalition partners after a visit there. They (and you) just “assumed” NL would stay on until – what? Another Srebrenica?

    The Netherlands have been tricked or betrayed by NATO one time too many. This time the country sticks to its guns. (No pun intented)
    A deal is a deal. Henceforward, from the Dutch, maybe civil servants, engineers, teachers, police trainers: Others can take over combat operations. What about Bush’s touted New Europe? Let them put their money where their mouth is.

    We understand WIB’s gusto for war and this year the country wholeheartedly agrees with WIB’s motto:

    Well said. The Dutch tour is up; five months short!

    Dhr. drs. VHJM van Neerven MSW MA
    VNC communication counsel

  4. VNCcc says:

    To all:
    Sorry for the typos above. This is live from nightfall in Amsterdam.
    More on:

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