Sam in Indonesia: A-List Treatment


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Jakarta attack. The Australian photo.


Indonesia has suffered a number of suicide bombings in Jakarta and elsewhere in the last 10 years. Today, guards, metal detectors and sometimes X-ray machines stand in front of malls, hotels and office buildings. I was immediately struck by the amicable and almost apologetic attitudes of the security guards.

With a smile, a slight bow and sometimes an, “I’m sorry, thank you,” I was ushered through security. I had a great story in mind: while the U.S. was busy being squeamish about racial profiling, Indonesia was not. I — well-dressed and white — was clearly not a threat and not worth the attention of security guards.

Turns out, I am not that special. Everyone, at least the types that go to malls like the posh Plaza Indonesia, gets the A-list treatment. So much for security.

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