Advocating “Didn’t Know, Don’t Care” for Gay Troops


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Art by Matt Bors.


In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama advocated ending the 17-year-old Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy for gays in the military. Subsequently, Joint Chiefs chair Admiral Mike Mullen said a repeal of the policy — in which gays could serve, as long as they never admitted being gay — was the right thing to do.

Now Naval Academy prof Claude Berube, a War Is Boring favorite, has a proposal: replace Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell with “Didn’t Know, Don’t Care.”

Didn’t Know Don’t Care would be based on individual competency. It would not be about special privileges for any one group. Rather, it is about the freedom of individuals to serve. There are standards in the Navy as reflected by fitness reports or other assessments. The one question we should ask is: Can this individual do the job?


One Response to “Advocating “Didn’t Know, Don’t Care” for Gay Troops”

  1. SM says:

    It sure seems overdue for them to repeal that strange regulation. I was a bit surprised that Obama didn’t try to do it last year.