Axe-SPAN: Medical Facilities at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan


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C-SPAN video by David Axe.


Bagram is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. Freelance journalist David Axe visited there late last year, where he looked at the medical facilities that treat wounded U.S. and coalition troops, as well as some Afghan civilians.

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  1. Christine Collins says:

    David-I’d seen your coverage yesterday on the Bagram Hospital and Razia. I was one of the first trauma/ICU nurses to take care of Razia when she entered our hospital in March 2009 (by way of medivac). I’ve maintained contact with her and Aziz through a friend that works in Kabul. You stated, in your segment, that you have someone that would be willing to donate leagal fees to get Razia to the US. I’ve been talking to medical professionals here in the states to see if I can get her here. My contact in Kabul would be willing to help Aziz fill out all the necessary paperwork to get treatment here. I talk to Razia about once a month and I send her boxes of clothing, shoes, school supplies, etc. I was stationed at Bagram from Jan 2009 thorugh July 2009. If need be you can Google my name Capt Christine Collins, there are several stories that cover Razia and myself to inculde a story in Readers Digets in the July 2009 issue (search under Clinton Collins). Lastly if you need a web adress you can contact me through I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for the great coverage, there are not a lot of positive stories that come from Afghanistan.

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