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It was early days in the joint Australian-Dutch ISAF mission. Little was known about the Taliban’s strength or location in Uruzgan province. Lieutenant Marco Kroon of the Dutch Special Forces Korps Kommandotroepen (KCT) was ordered to conduct reconnaissance operations and report any enemy activity back to headquarters. Previously the commandos had been patrolling south of Uruzgan province, and had reported little or no Taliban contact.

Kroon led a 29-strong platoon of commandos, which was part of a company codenamed “Viper.” They conducted most of their patrols alongside one particular Australian SASR patrol.

Of the six joint missions that were released to the public domain, Viper and the Australians faced numerous ferocious attacks. Kroon said that after the quiet of the southern region under Uruzgan, “It was a little bit of a surprise that the Taliban were present in such large numbers and that they outnumbered us.”

During these encounters with the enemy, Kroon survived a direct hit by a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) on his vehicle, a crash that destroyed his Mercedes soft-top, and several near misses including the scope of his MAG being shot off while he was firing it. “It is a miracle that neither myself nor any of my men were killed,” admits the Dutch Special Forces officer.

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(Photo: Dutch MOD)

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