War Is Boring Gets Blogger Shoutout


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Nick Ottens at Atlantic Sentinel praises War Is Boring in his discussion of the rise of niche bloggers:

“If you have a particular expertise and unique perspective, [then] you can quickly gain a following,” notes [Laura] McKenna. “Everyone else is out of luck.” Niche blogs are prospering. War is Boring for instance attracted attention because of its outstanding citizen journalism focusing exclusively on matters of defense. Readers come to rely on their expertise exactly because their scope is limited.

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2 Responses to “War Is Boring Gets Blogger Shoutout”

  1. matt says:

    David – I wanted to thank you for the real look inside the Afghan war. It takes a ton of guts to roll embedded with the U.S. military. Your candid narrative and insight was very well done and much appreciated.
    Be safe on your next voyage!

  2. MAAL says:

    Hi WiB

    Just wanted to say that the quote is so inaccurate as to be a bit insulting. You should reply!

    I come here because it is free* and free from constraints of the mainstream media obligations of Big-Ad money, like traditional mags, but online (conde nasty, NewsIntl, etc) – Google dont/cant GaS!)

    Oh and the amazing fact you actually go and do this without the safeguards/burden of being affiliated to the above.

    Truly something in the name of news-gathering when you look at the situations involved.

    I’m amazed at the dedication/know-how it must take to actually get the posting and be there to report it all in the first place – Esp. as an independent. Bit of a faith restorer.

    Don’t worry guys, I think your great – not niche.

    *Donation made :)

    - Drop me an email – I have some ideas for supporting your site…

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