Connect the Dots: Super Paper-Planes and Ultra-Thin Electronics


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Ever watch Better Off Ted, the ABC show about the world’s looniest defense contractor? In one episode, the fictional Veridian Dynamics looks for ways to “weaponize pumpkins.” Following in Veridian’s wicked little footsteps, I’m wondering if any of our readers can figure out how to combine and weaponize two of the year’s more notable technological advancements. I’d figure it out myself if I weren’t already incapable of even calculating the tip on my dinner bill.

#1) A Japanese man widely considered the world’s greatest paper-airplane designer very nearly broke the 30-second barrier that’s the paper-plane equivalent of the sound barrier. Earlier, Takuo Toda designed paper airplanes that could withstand the heat of re-entry when dropped to Earth from space.

#2) Another Japanese man, Takao Somey, helped invent so-called “organic light-emitting diodes.” This paper-thin material can be used to make a computer screen so light and flexible that researchers “bent it, folded it in half, and even crumpled it up without affecting its performance,” according to Discover.

So what, if any, nefarious devices could we get from combining the two?

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3 Responses to “Connect the Dots: Super Paper-Planes and Ultra-Thin Electronics”

  1. Ray Kimball says:

    Unpowered drone fireflies.

  2. David Axe says:

    EVIL unpowered drone fireflies?

  3. Loic says:

    interactive propaganda. for the people who dont own tvs

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