World Politics Review: South Korea Looks to Wider Security Role


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More than 56 years after the end of the Korean War ushered in a long period of relative military isolation, South Korea is finally taking steps towards a regional security role commensurate with the country’s advanced economy. But South Korea’s rise as a military power is complicated by its domestic politics — and a belligerent North Korea.

Despite a technologically advanced military and a Gross Domestic Product that, at just shy of $1 trillion, makes it the world’s 15th-wealthiest country, the Republic of Korea has rarely deployed troops outside its borders. In 1999, Seoul sent 400 soldiers to boost a U.N. force trying to stabilize East Timor when that country broke away from neighboring Indonesia. The Timor deployment was South Korea’s first foreign overseas military operation. South Koreans had fought alongside U.S. troops in Vietnam.

South Korean medics and engineers subsequently joined the U.S.-led coalitions in Afghanistan in 2001 and in Iraq in 2003. The Afghan mission was curtailed after the Taliban kidnapped a South Korean church group in Afghanistan and murdered two of its 23 members. The extremists released the surviving captives when Seoul promised to stick to a planned withdrawal by the end of 2007. The Iraqi mission ended peacefully in 2008. That year, Seoul also sent a warship to patrol Somali waters for pirates.

But South Korea’s planned second deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 will mark its true debut as a regional military power. In response to U.S. President Barak Obama’s call for a bigger international coalition in Afghanistan, Seoul has pledged a Provincial Reconstruction Team and a powerful infantry force to accompany it, for a total of around 500 troops.

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3 Responses to “World Politics Review: South Korea Looks to Wider Security Role”

  1. Ken Merchant says:

    South Korea may have participated in its first peacekeeping mission in 1999, but that was far from its first deployment of troops outside its border. South Korea sent two infantry divisions to fight alongside the US in Vietnam, with about 320,000 soldiers serving there between 1964 and 1973.

  2. David Axe says:

    Good catch. Fixing now.

  3. Wild Bill says:

    The South Koreans suffered 4,000 killed from 1964 to 1973.

    Also, President Obama in his Afghan speech said that one of the differences between Vietnam and Afghanistan is that we did not have a coalition like we have now. That is not true. All the countries that were members of SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organization participated in the Vietnam War. South Korea was the biggest participant after the US. And as can be seen by the size of their commitment in Vietnam it dwarfs the commitment of all NATO forces in Afghanistan.

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