Insurgents and the Future of War


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Sam Abrams, War Is Boring contributor and SAIS Review editor, managed to get some of the most influential in military thought together for this conference. As WIB‘s substitute editor while David Axe is out having adventures, I’m definitely ducking out of work early for this. Washington-area readers, see you there.


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  1. Tim says:

    I think people have to realise that there isn`t going to be a tank battle on the German plains in the next hundred years !

    The whole cold war doctrine was about fighting that battle . So who would want to fight a massive land tank battle against the US Army And Airforce ??

    In conventional terms the US is fifty years ahead of China , any big war in the next twenty years will be asymmetrical .

    Space , subs , cyberspace and shipping lanes will be the main battle grounds with drones fighting for control of the skies .

    The US Airforce is twenty to thirty years away from anyone challenging them to Air Dominance . So spend money on Air Transport , Tankers , Subs , UAVS,secure intel and communications,training , adequate mobile vehicles for the boys on the ground and missile defence .

    New tanks , manned fighters are a waste of money .


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