Skull & Bones: Resupplying Donald Cook Video


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A year after Somali piracy peaked with more than 100 ships attacked, the world’s navies have assembled dozens of warships to combat the threat. David Axe joins the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Donald Cook in Djibouti, to observe firsthand this “global war on piracy.”

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Observe as sailors resupply USS Donald Cook in Djibouti.

(Video: David Axe)

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3 Responses to “Skull & Bones: Resupplying Donald Cook Video”

  1. fooman says:

    Ah yes, the joy! the fun! the aching back! “now muster a 30 hand working party on the pier with SK1 (store keeper petty officer first class) Jones for loading stores!” Been there done that, got the chiropractor bills. Not nearly as much fun as doing it underway UNREP (you ought to film one of those), fuel forward and aft, groceries and parts midships, and people and ammo on the helo spot! That’s what you call busting your butt!

  2. Matthew says:

    Holy Sh!T. Yeah, he’s filming that. Hehe.
    I guess AEGIS just can’t do everything.

  3. anon says:

    i really like the image of the mail and supplies stacked on the VLS and harpoon launchers

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