Yemen’s “Bloodiest Fighting in Years”


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The New York Times is reporting that the Yemeni government has successfully repulsed a “major offensive” by insurgents. News organizations report at least 140 insurgents killed in a battle all over the northern province of Saada, including urban fighting in the area’s major city.

The conflict in Yemen, though often ignored by major media outlets, is a full-on entrenched insurgency. Northern Yemen is considered an active war zone, home to a conflict that has killed thousands and displaced at least 100,000 people. There are indications that the Yemen conflict is proxy war: the Zaidi are Shiites fighting the U.S.- and Saudi-backed Yemen government, making them a tempting policy tool for the Iranians. The U.S. has maintained a not-so-quiet presence there for years.

While few experts believe the Zaidi to be an existential threat to the government in Saana, the Yemeni government — weak, unpopular and poor — is in no position to effectively end the insurgency through either force or negotiation. The big question is how much support outside parties are willing to give. U.S. intelligence and special forces could give the Yemenis a decisive edge (ala Ethiopia), but is the U.S. willing to risk the anger and publicity that such support would bring? Are the benefits worth the costs?

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  1. kermit the but says:

    Ok. i will try to asnwer this weak journalism:

    1: Why atack now?
    2: Who is behind it?
    3: What does says Iran and Irak relligion and govermnts about?
    4: How much is it include the citizen war some decades ago?
    5: What will win USA in this matter?
    6: Yemen is one of the poorest countries in West Indian Ocean. Aside Saudi Arabia there is no possible enemy for this country.
    7: are chinese pooped up there?

  2. 111 says:

    the zaidi or houthists have been focused around the saada arms bazar led by muhammad, an arms dealer there for quite some time. The houthists have capatalized on the cheap weapons flow from former NUI states , the ussr , the netherlands, zimbabwe, syria, Libya, and Iran. This weapons flow has made its way to Iraq,Gaza,Somolia, and afghansitan into the hands of foreign fighters. Criminal gangs are not only smuggling weapons but people and drugs through yemen. The decreased naval presence in the gulf of aden is part of that influx of smuggling activity. recently in Italy a group of libyans and eritrians were found on the same boarding party to tripoly using young slutty women to lure away police and port officials. This is a tactic the criminal gangs have been using for quite some time to smuggle in eritria, suez canal, gaza and elsewhere where arms are smugled for weapons proliferation to jihadists and muahajideen hellbent against Us Isralue and western interests.

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