Drone Test = Idiots’ UFO Sighting


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The Sun tabloid pointed to a video of a U.S. Navy F/A-18 tailing a strange-looking object. “UFO watchers reckon it could be proof of a government cover-up,” the paper declared.

Jeebus, people, it’s the Boeing X-45 killer drone. See?




5 Responses to “Drone Test = Idiots’ UFO Sighting”

  1. SM says:

    So now its an IFO :)

  2. IQXS says:

    Thank you for the data presented here.

    I am sorry you felt it necessary to call people “idiots”. I do not see the value in choosing that word or the approach. It adds nothing to the pursuit of educating and reflects poorly on you in return.

    The data is helpful, your prejudice is not.

  3. David Axe says:


    What’s more offensive? Seeing a video of a routine UAV test flight and declaring it an alien spacecraft sighting … or calling someone who would do that an idiot?

    It’s okay to NOT KNOW what you’re seeing. But to not know, and thus decide it must be an alien invader, is stupid and frankly dangerous.

  4. IQXS says:

    Hello again David…

    In response to your question, we must begin by stating that it is unacceptable behavior in any day and age to label people derogatorily…such an approach leads to conflict and emotional issues which truncates the learning process, which is counterproductive to what you are intending to do here at the base level, which is to inform and educate.

    IQXS understands your point more than you may realize. We certainly agree with your underlying premise that people need to be educated.

    As researchers, IQXS deals with the challenge of misidentification and overblown claims by inexperienced witnesses, 24/7. We are not unsympathetic to the issue you are bringing up in this post.

    Concurrently, we do see the value in your educating the public at-large. However, to reiterate, we see no value in condescending the uninformed to the level of “idiots”. That discourteous labeling and the spirit behind it, was the impetus of our comment.

    As for any offense IQXS might have had over your identification of a UFO with military aircraft, I can assure you that IQXS welcomes the transition of UFOs to IFOs.

    We are researchers. We are also experiencers and willing contactees. We don’t require sightings, either false or true, to provide support or credibility to our efforts and labors. We do not pout when a UFO turns out to be a Chinese lantern or a U.S. Navy F/A-18.

    We live the UFO/Zenoculture agenda every day of our lives. In fact, David, with the SAME assurance you have of the data you presented above, IQXS has first-hand knowledge of a true alien presence, very much active on this planet.

    We would heartily encourage you to continue to do as you have done here, educate. By all means, present the truth of your first-hand knowledge, whether it is received or rejected by your site visitors. But we implore you to do so in a spirit of good will and kindness for the benefit of all.

    With your expertise and your knowledge, you certainly have much to contribute…for this, we as researchers, are grateful.

    Dayton, OH, USA

  5. Needtoknow says:

    Why does this so-called drone look like it’s traveling backwards.I highly doubt the still video pic is the same as the drone still pic.They don’t look the same at all!

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