Kidnapped French Spy Kills Flees Three Somali Captors


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In July, two French spies posing as journalists were grabbed from their Mogadishu hotel. Now one of them has escaped, after reportedly killing three of his captors. “The agent is safe in the presidential palace and ‘in a good mood,’” the Associated Press reports. There’s no word on the other agent.

Kidnapping is a huge problem in Somalia, on land and at sea. But the kidnappers are rarely very good at their jobs, and escapes are frequent. Two foreign reporters were grabbed last fall in Mogadishu and reportedly briefly escaped in February. This month, two Egyptian ship’s crews over-powered their pirate captors, killed two, and escaped the Somali coast. A Nigerian crew escaped in June.

“Some of them [the pirates] wouldn’t know the difference between a warship and an oiler. That’s how dumb they are,” explained a Somali linguist working with the U.S. Navy.

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  1. Hi,

    French secret services have confirmed that the spy who escaped, did not kill his captors, but gave them the slip.

    The other spy is currently being held by a member of Al Chabaab.

    You can read the news here (article in french):

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