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  1. Scathsealgaire says:

    Interestingly th US ambassador to NZ has publicly stated that NZ should send the SAS back, “if it expects the US to help it if they are ever attacked”.

    It seems a little rude of him, especially since NZ has been involved in a great number of conflicts that the US has had since WWII, at the request of the US. Korea, Vietnam, GWI, GWII and Afganistan.

    Yet NZ has never been attacked. Except by rabbits.

    Does this guy really represent the US? Do the people of the US forget so quickly who has helped them in the past, and not asked for help in return? Or is he just another a-hole political MF?

    I vote option 3.

  2. Richard A says:

    The latest news re NZSAS. They are comitted to three 6 month rotations, each with about 70 pers.

    Also, looks as though the PRT is to be replaced by civies in the near future.

    As to the above comment, I also vote option three. Doesn’t that wanker realise that the biggest challenge in depolying NZ troops abroad is making sure the public believes we are doing it on our own initiative?!

  3. Scathsealgaire says:

    @ Richard A
    LOL too fu(king right.

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