Controversial Coastie Cutter Scores First Drug Bust


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The Coast Guard’s new flagship cutter Bertholf was months later, millions of dollars over-budget, and vexed by allegations of fraud and incompetence during construction. But now, a year after commissioning, she’s fully in service — and on July 8, scored her first drug bust, on the eastern Pacific, as depicted in the official video. Kudos, Coasties!

(Video: Coast Guard)

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4 Responses to “Controversial Coastie Cutter Scores First Drug Bust”

  1. fooman says:

    check out the heat coming from the exhausts….since everyone in the world has IR missiles (most seaskimmers use it for terminal guidance also) I don’t think I want to be around when she is running flank speed.

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  3. Conner says:

    There are a lot of people, including me, that want those drugs. If we need pain relief we don’t want that to depend on whether or not we have money to arrange for a doctor visit in a week, needing to get a prescription(and having money for that too), for some lame pharmaceutical drug that most the time doesn’t even provide full relief,prescription. It is the 21st century, we want to be able to obtain relief from pain immediately, not in one week or whenever we can budget it in our finances. What most of us do not want is more military and more wars and more excuses to turn the US into a Military/police nanny state.
    Kudos,? This is just another reason US citizens have turned away from the US military and government.

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