Kyle’s Far East Roundup 5/29/09


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Noteworthy reading on events in Asia and the Pacific.


The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s Early Bird-style blog Nightwatch had has excellent analysis of the North Korea situation, including information from China and South Korea. Nightwatch had the scoop of the week in a report that Chinese fishing vessels were clearing out of the Yellow Sea, hours before North Korean short-range missile launches.

EagleSpeak has a good general rundown of North Korea’s latest antics in the wake of South Korea’s joining the Proliferation Security Initiative, including cancellation of all previous agreements with the south and threats to attack U.S. and South Korean naval forces. Blogger Eagle1 also put together an order of battle for U.S. naval and air forces in East Asia.

Coatepeque at China Defense Blog takes note of some interesting People’s Liberation Army Air Force movements that may have some bearing on North Korea.

The excellent blog DPRK Studies says forget the recent flurry of North Korean short-ranged missile launches, noting that “every minor launch carried out by North Korea is amplified beyond all reason.” The important thing is the nuclear test, and blogger Richardson lays out a set of reasons why North Korea would so openly defy world opinion. Just as importantly is what he says the test is not about.

The Federation of American Scientists has an interesting chart taken from the Office of National Intelligence Open Source Center. The chart depicts the North Korean hierarchy, complete with photographs. Good to keep around in case of any infighting to succeed Kim Jong Il.

(Photo: U.S. Army)


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