GPS Jammers versus F-22s, Reapers


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These days the U.S. military relies on Global Positioning System satellites to figure out where everybody is, and where to drop bombs. The cheap and accurate, GPS-guided Joint Direct Attack Munition is our weapon-of-choice.

But what happens when the bad guys jam your GPS? Testing air attacks in an “anti-GPS” environment is one of the motivations behind the Air Force’s “Combat Hammer” bombing exercises in Utah. At a recent Combat Hammer, supersonic F-22s dropped JDAMS, pictured, and MQ-9 Reaper drones also attacked targets, despite GPS jamming.

How did they do it? You can add a laser-guidance kit to JDAMs, just in case. And there’s also the Air Force’s “Integrated Anti-Jam GPS System.” Basically, you design GPS receivers to switch between several frequency bands to evade jamming.

(Photo: Air Force)


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  1. B.Smitty says:

    JDAMs are INS/GPS-guided munitions. They will fall back to INS mode if they can’t get a GPS lock. This reduces accuracy somewhat, but not to the point of making them dumb bombs.

  2. Cherry says:

    GPS JAMMER is illegal in some areas as I know, but it is legal here in my country, so I just bought one for myself the other day from ,it is working great and helps me much.

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