Axe & The Hurricane Hunters


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On Tuesday I will be accompanying the Air Force’s 403rd Wing — the famed “Hurricane Hunters” flying WC-130J weather recon planes, pictured, into the hearts of major storms — on an orientation flight for bloggers. Here’s the Air Force press release:

An Air Force Reserve 403rd Wing “Hurricane Hunters” WC-130J is scheduled to depart May 19 as the military’s first-ever media flight compromised solely of bloggers. This flight gives bloggers from across the country an opportunity only available to traditional media outlets until now.

Members from the international blogging community will be able to share with their audiences what it is like to ride with the Hurricane Hunters while learning what goes into training for one of the most challenging missions in the Air Force. Immediately after their flight, bloggers will be able to update their sites in an adjacent computer room. The two-hour flight over the Gulf of Mexico will give a new audience a better understanding of how the Hurricane Hunters collect life-saving data inside storms and highlighting the coming hurricane season which starts June 1.

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  1. ELP says:

    I saw them in the day when the J was pushed on them and was yet to have any mission systems in it of use. It was funny seeing all the parked Js on one side of the ramp.

    The only mission I saw then was some colonel doing a fini flight in it.

    It works now but this was a procurement disaster.

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