Africa Handshake, Part Eleven: In the Commodore’s Own Words


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With two expensive land wars draining the treasury, the Pentagon wants to prevent future conflicts without spending a lot of money. Two years ago the Navy launched its first, roughly annual Africa Partnership Station, sending ships on solo cruises up the West African coast to deliver training and humanitarian aid. The idea: to win new friends and re-assure old ones, and boost their ability to handle security crises on their own. Our own David Axe joins the landing dock USS Nashville for APS 2.0 in Gabon.

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Africa Partnership Station commander Commodore Cindy Thebaud discusses the goals and importance of the mission.

(Video: David Axe)


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  1. Arthur v. Pieschel says:

    I find this session very informative and educational. APS is a great initiative benefiting people is W. Africa.

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