Border Drone Aids N.D. Flood Response


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As the Red River swells and threatens to flood Fargo, North Dakota, the National Guard is deploying and residents are preparing to flee. Overhead, monitoring the unfolding crisis, is a bule-and-gray painted Predator B drone (pictured) belonging to Customs and Border Protection.

CBP’s Predator B, called Reaper in Air Force service, flies from Grand Forks in North Dakota and carries TV and infrared cameras plus a mapping radar. CBP’s John Stanton says the border service had to request Federal Aviation Administration approval to fly its drone in national airspace, which the FAA provided in two days’ time. “We consider that responsive,” Stanton said, adding that, if required, he could get approval in just 45 minutes.

Customs and Border Protection has six Predators for surveillance work.

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  1. [...] Overseeing all of this was one of DHS’s newest and most sophisticated systems: a two-ton, 36-foot-long Predator B Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, painted in the blue and gray of Customs and Border Patrol, winging silently overhead, using electro-optical and infrared cameras to search for people needing rescue. [...]

  2. [...] The unmanned aircraft was deployed as part of a month long exercise to conduct surveillance missions between New York and Ontario to evaluate whether the Predator is necessary for the U.S.-Canadian border, according to CBP’s Office of Air and Marine. As part of the post-9-11 push to secure the US border, CBP had been using the unmanned aircraft along the Mexican border and began patrolling parts of the northern border in February. [...]

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