Robots = “A Revolution in the Way We Wage War”


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Trooper Talon doesn’t get tired or hungry,” Stephen Cave wrote last week in The Financial Times. “He doesn’t get scared and he doesn’t panic under fire. … Talon is a robot. He is the future of warfare and, with more than 12,000 robotic machines already deployed in Iraq, he is also the present.”

We are in the midst of a revolution in the way we wage war, as profound as the discovery of gunpowder or the building of the atomic bomb. Yet most of us hardly know it’s happening — and our legal and moral frameworks are entirely unprepared. But a few people have noticed: three fascinating and timely new books detail these developments and the issues they raise. 

One of those books is my WAR BOTS, published by Nimble last year. “Axe’s War Bots is a slim, introductory volume. Light on text, its primary virtue is the full-color pictures showing the droids in action.”

Well, thanks, I guess. Brief, WAR BOTS may be. But I never thought it was “light.”

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